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  As a non-standard industry, electromagnets, as enterprises that produce and process such products, need strong industry knowledge accumulation. These accumulations are mainly carried by human resources, although the human resources of electromagnets do not have the high education characteristics of other industries. However, the professional characteristics and experience of its human resources are very obvious. The basic knowledge includes: product knowledge, technology and application; process flow; and capabilities include: ability to analyze and diagnose process flow, ability to analyze and diagnose product problems, and ability to develop and optimize electromagnet solutions.

  Joining Deang will provide you with a different platform,

  One: Development platform

  Deang insists on people-oriented and technology as the core. In Deang, as long as you are Maxima, then we are Bole! The company provides you with all kinds of high-quality development space for free.

  2: Enhance the platform

  In Deang, you can learn different related technical skills. According to the company's employee development charter, only you have sufficient capabilities, and the company will always have the platform you provide.

  3: Skill Platform

  Use it to learn, use it to learn, the company regularly provides related professional knowledge and skills training free of charge, allowing you to continuously improve yourself.

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