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Corporate values

  Deang core values

  Pragmatic: —— Talking about misunderstandings and doing business in real-life enterprises is a step by step step. Pragmatism is the king of sustainable development. Pragmatism is the spirit that existed at the beginning of Deang, and it is also the most precious thing that our company tradition has precipitated.

  Solidarity: ——Achievements come from harmony, and strength is born from solidarity. Deang people are united, help each other, and work together sincerely, rely on each other, interrelate, and work together to fully develop the team's resilience and continuous innovation ability, because we believe Relying on the common strength of everyone can create more miracles and promote the sustainable development of Deang cause.

  Promising: ——Li Hongzhi's ambition, the teacher who succeeds, and De'ang people all firmly believe in ambition, not only to make a career, but also to make a successful career. With a bright and upright corporate character, a pragmatic corporate style of work, a united and cooperative work attitude, and then determined that the Deang people must do something.

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