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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

  Deang Electromagnetic Product Standard Warranty Service Policy

  I. Warranty definition

  Warranty refers to the repair or replacement of the malfunctioning product for electromagnet products in order to ensure the functional integrity of the product.

  Warranty is a limited liability for repairing related electromagnets due to design, manufacturing defects, or replacement of defective products. Service duration and content are within the scope of limited liability.

  Customers who choose Deang Electromagnet products are under warranty and the products covered by the warranty are free of charge.

  2. About warranty content of electromagnet

  The warranty and warranty extensions include:

  1.Regular electromagnet warranty

  Conventional products refer to general-purpose products such as frame-type, round-tube-type, sucker-type, and holding-type products produced by our company.

  The term warranty refers to a free two-year warranty under non-artificial damage. Parts can be replaced appropriately during the warranty process, but the original shape of the product before the warranty is retained. Significant changes requiring replacement parts can result in minor repair costs.

  Life warranty refers to the repair and repair of electromagnet products before they reach the end of their life. However, if there is no other damage to the product during use, such as deformation, irrational assembly and other external factors caused by the electromagnetic product problems, major changes to the replacement parts may cause small repair costs.

  2.Special type electromagnet warranty

  The special type of electromagnet is a pointer to the products that are processed and produced by customers. Such as special requirements, high life, harsh conditions, etc. products are used in two types of life.

  The warranty is limited to three years for non-artificial damage on special products. Free maintenance is provided for important parts during the repair process. When changing performance or replacing important structural designs and parts, our company may charge a certain amount of repair costs.

  Life warranty refers to the repair and repair of electromagnet products before they reach the end of their life. We guarantee product repair and maintenance free of charge while ensuring that all parts of the product are not damaged.

  Third, the warranty disclaimer

  1. The electromagnet warranty adopts a limited liability system within the specified time or requirements.

  2. The over-warranty period of the electromagnet is charged for maintenance.

  3. The electromagnets cannot be used due to improper behavior or fault during use.

  We do not grant warranty coverage when:

  1) The products provided by users are not produced by our company;

  2) Disassembly, repair, or modification of the product without the authorization of the manufacturer causing malfunctions

  3) Failure caused by the buyer's abnormal transportation, handling, use, maintenance, storage, etc.

  4) Failure due to irresistible force;

  5) If the product is discontinued, the warranty and service support is limited to 1 year after the announcement of discontinuation.

  Definition of warranty period

  1.The warranty period includes valid information when purchasing the electromagnet (purchase contract)

  2. The quality of the repaired or replaced product is guaranteed for three months; if the original warranty period exceeds three months, the original warranty period shall prevail.

  Five, unqualified unpacking (replace)

  Deang promises to replace the unqualified products in new packaging within 30 days from the start of the warranty.

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